Dealing with mobile brokers or Reliable Companies

Dealing with mobile brokers or Reliable Companies

Since over 20 years our trade experience and 8 years scrap – steel trading experience we closed many   successful deals and also many failed deals. The main reason seems to be price or terms either quality of the materials \projects in fact it is not . Most of the deals which came from internet mobile brokers has no professional path .Also these mobile brokers \ amateur traders has only single mobile number and mailing without any official registered company mail.  That is also great risk for buyers \ clients. They would ask ”  if seller did not ship  or delayed shipment, poor quality, changing cargoes,  or closing / disappear company,,,,   after receipt deposit amount,   who can protect us ? how can we save our money ? who can refund our deposit ?   if someone suggest us  ‘safe way for both party ‘..

Today it is easy to send a mail from free mail services and add a mobile number on it and request \ offer project \material worth hundred thousand Dollars and this is not the right path to be assure correct suppliers \buyers.

That is the question and reason that motivate us to publish this post. The key word is hire a consultant who could survey abilities ,fly over the countries and inform buyer \ client in real time . Unfortunately this is not the path today. And everyone is losing very precious time of our lives.

Scrap recycle r companies stand still at their yards. And buyers \clients must work with consultants or fly thru countries and check the stocks and materials and cash& carry . Or hire a consultant and save the day by share the risk and also important information.

That is why most of foreign trade is now % 75 time wasting regarding a British Search companies research.

The last word if something cheaper then the others there is something wrong with it. Nothing is free and easy .

Nezih Burak Aydemir